Considering Swinging

by Ed and Dana Allen

Momentpoint Media

© 2001

What's it like? Why should I? But, what about . . .? A handy booklet for convincing anyone, even yourself, to give swinging a try.

This booklet is also one of ours. It is available as a printed booklet and can be downloaded directly for printing on your computer.

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Do you know someone interested in swinging?

Do you know someone you would like to be interested in swinging?

Or, perhaps you are considering swinging yourself.

This 56-page booklet, by the critically acclaimed authors of

Finally, the long-awaited answer to the often-asked question, "How do I (or we) introduce someone to the swinging lifestyle?"This classy yet inexpensive booklet, by the authors of "Together Sex," is the perfect way to learn about the joys of the swinging lifestyle and to encourage hesitant folks to give swinging a try. Readers will learn the "Top Ten Reasons to Consider Swinging," have their questions answered, and be reassured about such concerns as morality, disease, and the impact on their relationships. Plus, a series of "Swing Scenes" attractively depict the variety of pleasurable experiences one can expect to encounter in swinging. "Considering Swinging" is written in a fun, laid-back style - sexy, but not blatant or pushy - designed to entice without offending. Keep a few copies of "Considering Swinging" with you wherever you go - you just never know when you'll meet the friends of a lifetime.

About the Author

ED ALLEN, an associate professor of English at the University of South Dakota, has also worked as a taxi driver, butcher, and salesman. Allen's novel Mustang Sally has been adapted into a film, Easy Six.


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