Swingers & Lovers

Swingers & Lovers 

Book Description

The author graphically describes what happens behind closed doors between consenting adults. The story begins with a normal everyday hard-working young family, who like most families each had its own problems. This family's problem was the husband, who lusted after other women and had a sordid, secret life behind his wife's back until she found out. Taking advice from a friend, she decided to approach her husband about his desire for women but with an open mind allowing both of them the opportunity to seek out intimate sexual pleasure with other couples.

After long discussions, they eventually find information in top-shelf magazines and discovered a completely innovative and secret lifestyle. Welcome to the world of swinging

Soon they were to find other couples advertising for sex, which changed their family life forever. Read on to enter their world that escalated into the tempting, pleasurable, and exciting new world of swingers.

About the Author

Allan Bolton was born in Leeds in 1961 and brought up in a small Yorkshire market town called Otley with two sisters; one older than himself and one younger as well as a younger brother. Early in his childhood, his parents divorced and his father looked after all the children, over the years he married three times. Allan’s working life included being a baker, ophthalmic lens technician, and working on building sites and within the textile industry. He now works for himself building and repairing computers. He has been married and divorced twice and has four children.

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