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Book Description The Ultimate Swingers Guide is the perfect book for single men, women and couples interested in the swinging lifestyle!

It covers such topics as How to get involved in swinging, swing etiquette, what to expect at a party or club, where to find the best parties, how to keep swinging safely and discreetly and lots more! Written by a woman that has been enjoying the lifestyle for over 10 years.

About the Author

Tia Minell has been active in the swinging lifestyle for over 10 years and her book has sold thousands of copies to people all over the world from her website.

Her straight-talking style makes this book enjoyable reading for the novice and experienced swinger alike.


Small book, huge print, 59 pages for $17.95 is more like the ultimate rip-off than the ultimate guide.

The shallow approach, authoritarian tone, and often silly advice don't help much either.

by Tia Minell

© 2001 Premiere Press

56 pages

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