Loving Sex - Swinging: From Fantasy to Reality

Product Description

FROM FANTASY TO REALITY From the Alexander Institute's Loving Sex series, ranked "Best" by Men's Health Magazine.

This timely and informative exploration into swinging will both enlighten and arouse you and your partner.

Join Juli as she investigates all aspects of this alternative lifestyle with real-life couples and professionals.

Follow Ronnie & Charlene through highly erotic scenes as they encounter the steps that lead to swinging.

This very explicit program is the perfect swinging guide for couples who are just curious as well as for those who have already experienced the lifestyle. Features optional Spanish, French and German audio and menus.

-Voyeurism and being watched -Communicating with a hesitant partner -Outdoor sex and getting caught -Learning to set the limits as a couple -Swapping and same room sex 

Loving Sex - Swinging: From Fantasy to Reality

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