TODAY'S SWINGERS The Complete Guide to Successful Swinging


TODAY'S SWINGERS The Complete Guide to Successful Swinging

There are very few books available that provide a view of what swinging is like today, through the real life experiences of actual swingers. This one is certainly outdated and as other reviewers have pointed out, does not give a good depiction of the lifestyle in today's world.

This book is in a Q&A format. Most of the questions are reasonable (although some are inane "Are all swingers perfect?" and some are just fillers "Did you two co-author a book on swinging?").
Most of the answers given to the questions are good and reasonable. Unfortunately, the unusual formatting and extraneous material detract greatly from the book's overall value.

Upon first opening Today's Swingers one is struck by the extra-large type font used in the text
more appropriate to a second-grade reader than an adult book.
Then, one notices that every sentence ends with three periods, and every question with three question marks, a style that wastes even more space in addition to being disconcerting.

All this means that the contents should have required less than half the 160 pages taken.
By further condensing the extraneous material (the five-page table of contents, the numerous plugs for the authors, etc.) a decent editor/publisher would end up with about 70 pages of Q&As.

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