Better Sex Video: The Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra

Better Sex Video: The Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra

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From the Actor Sinclair Intimacy Institute is the world leader in relationship-oriented videos for adults with a library of over 50 titles.

Working with internationally recognized sexuality educators and marriage therapists, Sinclair Institute's video products teach couples how to communicate better about sex and to build healthier, intimate relationships.

Their videos are high quality, non-clinical and entertaining presentations designed to provide accurate information in an appealing and empowering format. The Better Sex Video Series (As Seen on TV) has sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

Written by Vatsyana in approx. 350 AD, the Kama Sutra (Priciple’s of Love), connects all aspects of sexual life.
These ancient and timeless teachings of the East are revealed in Sinclair's unique approach.

Expert advice from noted Indian Sexologist and Kama Sutra authority, Prof. Prakash Kothari, MD, PhD, leads the exploration of this ancient wisdom.

Sharing a highly developed expression of their erotic desires, real couples demonstrate positions outlined in the text and live the principles, "what’s good for the body is good for sex".

Included with this new DVD set is a CD (35 minutes) of the original music score from the video.

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